The company was born in 1984 out of Bruna Bondanelli’s passion for knitwear. After two years of activity as a one-person business, she founded the current corporation in collaboration with her husband and children. They manufacture high quality knitwear for men and women.

Strength: amazing quality/price ratio for a 100% Italian manufacture.

Fantasy and fashion are always combined to class and sophistication. The great commitment of the whole staff to achieve better and better quality, style and internationalization.

Sales network: importers, buyers, retail stores, a showroom in Milan.

New concept: the only store in Emilia Romagna is in the company headquarters.


Bruna Bondanelli - storia


Purchase of the first family knitting machine from a TV commercial. Operating unit by the family house in S. Pietro Capofiume (Bologna).


Launch of the first official collection. First fashion show at “La Torretta” theater in Molinella.

First salesman (Ferrara area). Three shows, two at “La Torretta” and one at “Crest Hotel” (now “Holiday Inn City”) in Bologna.


Participation in “Expovest”, the international knitwear expo in Bologna, and beginning of worldwide export; distribution in the national market through a network of sales representatives. Participation in “Esma”, Milan international knitwear expo. Articles and photos in “Harper's Bazaar” and “New Encyclopedia of Italian Fashion”. Participation in “Modit”, Milan international knitwear expo. First article in “Il Resto del Carlino”. Fashion shows at Ferrara Expo and at Budrio Theater.

Bruna Bondanelli - storia
Bruna Bondanelli - storia


New headquarters in Molinella, via Nobili. Fashion show at Molinella “La Torretta” Theater. International Paris Expo “Prêt-à-porter” (four editions). Men’s collection first time participation in the international Paris expo “S.h.e.m.”. Fashion show at “Exodus” disco in Portomaggiore (Ferrara). Participation in “Esma”, Milan international expo and press conference to introduce the collections designed by Bruna Bondanelli for Marina Ripa di Meana. Bruna Bondanelli designs women’s collections for Maglificio Gallo Spa. Fashion show at Budrio Arena (Bologna) with Marina Ripa di Meana widely reported in the national news. Fashion show at “Palomar Club” in Budrio (Bologna).


Participation in “Moda Prima”, Milan international expo. Bruna Bondanelli receives the prize “Bologna 2000”, young companies in international business at “GAM”, Bologna Modern Art Gallery. Widely reported in the news. Collaboration as a designer with important national and international brands.


Opening of the current headquarters in Molinella, via Pertini. Promotional show for the new retail store in the headquarters. Milan Montenapoleone showroom opening. Bruna Bondanelli receives from Molinella mayor a prize for being a company that had a relevant role in the town economy development.

our headquarter

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the laboratory

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